The World you Live In

Special rules:

Creativity/Good role-playing will give you bonuses.

There are no spells to bring back the dead or re attach limbs.

There will be a yet-to-be-decided “reputation” system. The more you do (and don’t successfully cover up or do secretly) the more wide rumors about your fame and power will spread. This may end up being useful or difficult in different circumstances (thieves will more likely target you, but will also be easier to intimidate when caught).

BAB progression when dual-classing will be based on the “Actual” progression, not the “Rounded” progression. For example, if you are multi-classing as a Rogue and Wizard, You’d normally have a +0 BAB if your first two levels were 1 in Rogue, and 1 in Wizard. But using the “Actual” progression, you would get +2/3 BAB from your Rogue level, and +1/2 BAB from your level in Wizard, for a total of + 1 1/3 BAB, rounded to be a +1 BAB to your attacks.

Prestige classes are always considered favored classes, but you must find a “tutor” in order to begin the prestige class, and possibly gain levels in said class. (If you want to go into a prestige class, let me know so that I can create the opportunity. Convincing the NPC to teach you will be a challenge in and of itself.)

Special rules for skills
*All knowledge checks can be made untrained. However, you take a -3 on the roll. A natural 20 will not suffer this penalty, and may be given a bonus.

  • Knowledge Specialization. If you wish, you can put ranks into a specialized category of each knowledge skill. This will give you a bonus for the selected category, but you won’t get that skill point bonus on anything outside of that category. For example, if you want to specialize in Knowlede(Planes[Elementals]), you could put 1 rank into that. That one rank would give you a +2 on all checks regarding elementals, but +0 on all other Knowledge(planes) checks. The more specific the category, the bigger the bonus. Ex, if your specialization is specifically Fire Elementals, then your Knowledge(Planes[Fire elementals]) would give you a +3 or more on checks regarding fire elementals, but +0 on other Knowledge(Planes) checks, even if the involve other types of elementals.

*Skill expansion. Certain Skills are getting adjusted. For example, Heal will allow you to tell how close a creature is to dying, and potentially help you find vital areas of the creature. Knowledge(Nobility) will be treated more like Knowledge(famous people). Profession skills will give bonuses that will be determined by the GM. For example, a Profession(Chef) check for making your breakfast in the morning could give you a boost on fortitude saves against ingested poison, or cooking a pastry for the local weaponsmith could get you a reduced price on that axe you’re wanting but can’t quite afford. Profession(soldier) checks can help you identify the best way to avoid a mercenaries attack (AKA slight boost to AC). Come to me with any ideas or questions.

Things needed in each character’s backstory: age, race, class, why your character would have picked that class, what is the most important thing for your character, what motivates him, what is his greatest accomplishment, what is his relationship with family members, how does he view other races, what scares him, what entity would he be likely to worship (if any), etc.

It is currently the equivalent of September.

Alstan: The region in which you live now. It is a common place for small wars and skirmishes. There isn’t much government on the regional level, and most is enforced by local villages. Unfortunately this leads to a lot of cities fighting with each other for the most valuable resources.

The most recent event to happen is that a small town named Mintan has announced that it has formed an alliance with a local dragon. Since many dragons are hesitant to speak to humanoids, let alone form a treaty, this has been a huge upset in the region. Due to this alliance, the city of Mintan has been left alone by the larger cities for quite a while. The exact details of the alliance, along with the size/power of the dragon, are unknown to most people.

The World you Live In

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